Why choose AMC?

The Team
We are more than just a company. Each one of us is a crucial part of a large team. This is reflected in the way we interact, which is characterized by our readiness to help, mutual respect, but also having a sense of humor. We believe in the importance of having fun at work.


Our management are not shut away in an ivory tower. They share desks with regular staff and are easy to approach. They also frequently provide assistance in technical matters.
Our team spirit and our mutual respect define our corporate culture. We are proud of our team and our team also identifies with the company. This pride is the reason for our long-term success.

Innovation in Automation
We are well-known for developing innovative automation solutions. This field of work provides opportunities to work on diverse tasks for exciting projects. We make use of state of the art technology in the development of our own products.

Education and Training
We care about the professional development of our employees. We make use of regular one-on-one interviews to identify opportunities for additional training and education.

Creative minds need freedom to grow and flourish. This is why we employ flexible working hours. While our core hours are 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM, staff may take their breaks whenever they wish.
We also try to ensure a healthy balance between work and family by addressing the individual needs of our employees.

What We Offer
We want our staff to feel good. Our office is located at the Siemens Industrial Estate in Karlsruhe which gives us access to its two cafeterias and even a fitness studio. Two tram lines make the site easily accessible by public transport. A variety of plants and plenty of light add to the atmosphere of the office. We provide fresh fruit, cereal, coffee and tea to our staff – all free of charge.
We encourage team building and promote social integration, not only by having a company Christmas party, but also by going on an annual trip that lasts for several days.