Intelligent and modern building automation for greater convenience

Intelligent building technology is is an essential component in increasing energy efficiency, security, and convenience in commercial, public and private buildings. Management and operating facilities play a key role here. These facilities serve to connect different application cases such as energy management, lighting control, security systems, and much more with each other.

Building automation

Monitoring, control, regulation and
optimization of buildings

Our range of services helps you to meet all these challenges

BMS - Building Management Systems
Creation and extension of HMI/SCADA software systems for the control and visualization of your building systems technology, taking account of the most modern operating concepts, the latest security standards, and guaranteeing a high level of scalability and availability.

Integrative visualization solutions
Software-related coupling of proprietary hardware and software solutions with KNX, the worldwide standard for home and building control technology, and its integration into building management or SCADA systems in order to fully integrate all the required application cases in visualization solutions.
Customized home & building automation Solutions Implementation of individual requirements.

ETS Apps
Projection and diagnosis extensions for the Engineering Tool Software (ETS) of the KNX Association.

ETS Plug-Ins
Product-specific configuration enhancements for complex KNX devices which, for example, require a more comprehensive/intuitive configuration interface.

You can also use the intuitive and easily-configurable building management system inVendi® for projects involving small to medium-sized building installations.