KNX Access Protocols for SIMATIC WinCC

The AMC KNX Access Protocol is a communication channel that garantuees you the control, surveillance and visualization of KNX compatible devices through a SIMATIC WinCC system. It allows direct access to the KNX installation’s group addresses without the necessity of additional soft or hardware solutions. You simply require an established bus coupler, which allows you to access the KNX bus via computer.

KNX Kanal

License packages
The AMC KNX Access Protocols are available in the following license packages:

License package Number of datapoints Price
Demo 50 free of charge
Unlimited Unlimited 995,- € (exkl. VAT)

The free version (license package Demo) already allows you to use all functionalities of the AMC KNX Access Protocols.

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Directly access KNX from SIMATIC WinCC
Today, communication of SIMATIC WinCC with your KNX building control is only possible using additional soft- or hardware solutions like OPC-Servers or communication compontents for PLCs. To get the communication to work each of those solutions need a seperate configuration in addition to the configuration necessary in SIMATIC WinCC. Beside the additional configuration effort, this set-ups hold an increased potential for errors caused by erroneous configurations. With that analysis of communication problems is very often time-consuming or even not possible.

Reach your goal more quickly
Through the import of ETS4 and ETS5 projects you can import group addresses into the tag management of WinCC project and configure them as required. With that all datapoints (group addresses) configured inside ETS are available in WinCC and can be used instantly.

Install SIMATIC WinCC as your building control system, one of the most widely used HMI systems with the most extensive functionalities. 

System requirements
The following characteristics are the minimum hardware and software requirements in order to install and run the KNX Access Protocols:

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 x32/x64
Microsoft Windows 8 x32/x64
Microsoft Windows 10 x32/x64
Microsoft Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64
Microsoft Server 2012 x64

CPU: ≥ 2 GHz
RAM: ≥ 2 GB
HDD: ≥ 100 MB freien Speicher

Other Software:
SIMATIC WinCC since Version V7.3 SE

Remark: For the utilization of the AMC KNX Access Protocols you need a vaild WinCC license.

Interface to KNX:
IP (KNXnet/IP)